Average American spends 7 hours in front of a computer daily making about 6,000 to 10,000 mouse clicks and scrolls about every 5 clicks.

How many miles do you click and scroll on your mouse each year? 
We scroll every 5 clicks so we make 1,200 to 2,000 scrolls a day---438,000 to 730,000 scrolls each year. The average travel distance of a scroll is about an inch, so as a result our finger travels about 6.9 to 11.5 miles each year. This distance is about 2.5 hours of marathon!

We spent a lot of time on our mouse every day so the mouse needs to be really durable to last. You can always replace the mouse, but not your hands.

What happens to your hand after so much repetitive finger motion?
Well, it is possible we may get Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a "debilitating condition resulting from overusing the hands to perform a repetitive task, such as typing, clicking a mouse, or writing" according to University of Michigan.

RSI symptoms can develop from mild tingling or numbness to severe pain and swelling, eventually affecting work capabilities and everyday life. We need to start taking care of ourselves.
There are a couple ways we can do to prevent developing RSI:
1. Take breaks between work
2. Keep a good posture
3. Relax and exercise 
4. Use an ergonomic product
Obviously we can't quit working. The best option is to use an ergonomic product.

An ergonomic mouse can keep your hand in a healthy posture and relaxed arm alignment to minimize strain or tension from building up. This can significantly reduce the risk of developing RSI. 
Many ergonomic mice on the market have a nice ergonomic curve for the grip but they didn't consider the tremendous amount of scrolling action. Massive scrolling motion takes place on index finger mostly therefore doubles the strain on this finger alone. 
To solve this problem, Jelly Comb's engineer designed a thumb scroll ergonomic mouse that help users to scroll with their thumb vertically and naturally. 

Jelly Comb's MV021 is a wireless ergonomic mouse designed with thumb scroll to accommodate long time mouse usage and lift the heavy work load from their index fingers.

Users will no longer need to move their index finger between the click button and the scroll wheel. Instead, MV021 ergonomic mouse reallocate the index finger motion to our thumb to reduce repetitive motion on one finger alone.

Also supporting a healthy grip posture, MV021 minimize strain and tension from building up.

We recommend MV021 for people who need to use mouse daily at their (non-gaming) work. MV021 is wireless and easy to use, you plug in a small USB receiver to your computer then you can start using. It also has silent clicks so you don't annoy your co-worker or family from massive clicking noise.

MV021 is now available at:  https://www.jellycomb.com/h-product-detail.html?goods_id=995627