Christmas of 2018 has passed, we are now looking into 2019. Many people will prepare a list of new year resolutions like they did last year. But speaking of last year's resolution, how many of these were actually achieved?  You do not need to read on if you are a super effective time management expert. This article talks about tips for regular people. 

The following will be a step by step suggestion to help you achieve all your New Year resolutions

Think again what we actually want/need

    We sometimes make plans based on other people's suggestions instead of our own will. One can only speak for oneself, so friends and family may not know what is most important to us. We have to contemplate on our own to figure out what we truly desire.

    Sketch a mind map about the good and bad aspects of life.  We will figure out what we have to cherish and what we lack to seek for. Only when every factor is laid out clear, we can grasp the essentials.


Remove unrealistic goals

     The total number of resolutions matter because we can't have everything in the world. We don't have time and energy to pick up every single bit. It is important to choose certain things we truly need. 

    And don't forget to be realistic. Some of us want to lose weight. With a goal that is actually achievable, we can and know how to make progress. An unrealistic goal like losing 50 lbs in a week will definitely fail. 

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Make a plan of how to achieve 

    Now we have written down our new year resolutions, we need to think about the specifics of how to achieve them. A plan is necessary because we can get lost over time, the plan is a guiding map towards success.

    Back to the losing weight example, we can start doing research or consult experts. Then we make a customized diet/ exercise plan, stick to the plan and make progress.    


Time management

    Time management is important because there are too many things to do! Setting priorities can help us stay on track and reduce procrastination habit. Always remember to schedule checkpoints in the plan. 

        We need to create a suitable environment to reduce distraction and increase efficiency. Keeping things in order and well organized is a beneficial behavior. Keep your room neat and tidy will help you focus on your tasks better. 

Measure progress 

    Finally, the new year is here and everything looks good. There is one last step before we go into auto-pilot mentality. We have to measure our progress and make adjustments. 

    We are humans, and we like feedbacks. Measure our progress will help us understand ourselves better. We can also adjust our behavior accordingly.

    Follow through these steps will help you to be more successful in your new year resolutions. But this is not a guarantee, you still need a strong will to carry out your plan. Procrastination is only a habit, you can change it if you believe in yourself.  Let's work smarter in 2019 and become a better person.

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