hey guys, is Erin with us being on our computers today, more than we ever have been before.
In the past.
Ergonomics plays a pretty big deal in our overall comfortability.
let's check out the jelly comb, wireless vertical mouse to see if it's a good option for a more ergonomic.
mouse experience.
they did say thanks to jelly home for sending me this mouse to share with you guys.
If you just end up being interested, check the description box below for the link to this mouse on Amazon.
At the moment, vertical mice aren't the most popular thing on the market.
But I work at a contact center, so I'm in front of a computer all day.
and more and more of my coworkers are starting to use them.
So they are starting to gain traction.
So the vertical mouse is a matte black with a soft rubber coating around the entire thing.
The build quality on it is seriously pretty good, and it's also very comfortable to use, not just because of the vertical aspect of it, but just because of that soft.
rubbery, feel to it.
oils from your hands do stand out on the mouse.
But who really pays that much attention to it?
And it's something where you could just take a clean x and wipe it off, and it would be a big deal, is apparently a standard 5 button design.
6 if you count the dpi setting buttons.
With the left, the right-click.
forward in the back.
the center mouse, scroll, wheel click, and then the 6th button would be the before mentioned dpi button.
the left and right mouse buttons are very quiet.
You can definitely feel them when you click.
There's a very satisfying physical click, but you can't really hear it.
And that's designed on purpose.
They're listing.
The page mentions that they've designed the mouse, the beef white, so it doesn't bother your coworkers.
the forward in the back buttons on the mouse, for web browsing or for whatever other usages you use them for your standard quick that you would expect.
They're not very quiet.
I did want to mention that on the Amazon listing page.
They specifically mention that the Ford in the back buttons will not work on mac os.
I don't know why, but there must be some kind of driver incompatibility there.
mind, if you plan on getting this and using it with a man.
the GPS thing is on the mouse, or there are three different stages.
There's 812, one hundred and sixteen hundred, which is a pretty decent spectrum of.
a low sensitivity medium and high, I typically keep it 1600, but that's just me.
But there are two other options in case that's too high.
So the mouse uses the 2.4 gigahertz wireless spectrum, which is pretty standard from most wireless devices these days.
I wish it would have used Bluetooth, but for 20 bucks you can't really expect a whole lot of features.
White Bluetooth.
my only real gripe has to do with a little dongle that the mouse comes with on the front of it, and just bright white letters that say USB.
I don't know why that's needed, but they put that there.
And if you use it on the laptop, or if you put it into the back of your desktop, or it's not going to be seen, not a big deal, but if you're going to use on the laptop on a side, poor, you're taking the same meaning.
Is that kind of.
I don't know, just for me, it bugs me a little bit that the wireless dongle does store on the bottom of the mouse to the battery compartment often is a little slot for it to stay in there which is convenient so you don't lose it.
I just wish they would have printed USB on it.
No, it's really a USB port.
The mouse is powered by one double, a battery that isn't included with.
not a big deal, I don't have any kind of life expectancy is to how long that one battery will last.
I wasn't able to find any kind of estimated ranges on that either, but if you're concerned about it, you can use the on-off switch on the bottom of it when you're not using it to extend that better life even further.
Or you can use A rechargeable battery if you wanted as well, to not have to keep training through.
battery, so it doesn't cost you much the long run, with it being a mouse.
I would expect a couple of months of daily usage out of it, if you don't use it for a whole lot then it shall last even longer.
I didn't want to point out that the Amazon must be, page does mention that business for small hands.
I didn't catch that before, I did catch you.
As soon as I get out of the box and it was much smaller than I figured, it would be.
it's still worked out ok.
I was wanting to.
put my entire hand on the mouth, and it just wasn't comfortable that way.
I had to use more of a claw grip, or I would use my fingertips, which was fine.
It was still comfortable, but I don't think that's necessarily how these minor design, I think you're supposed to just cram the mouse into your palm as far as it will go, keep your figures flat, and then just use your entire finger click.
So for me, with having bigger hands and with the size of the mouse in general.
I'm going to be using it more as a travel mouse than one that's going to be sitting on my desk at all times.
So if you have small hands, great, if you're bigger hands, maybe you consider it more of a travel mouse and didn't want to mention that the vertical angle on this mouse is a lot more conservative than I was really expecting it to be.
If you look at comparative models from other companies, the mouse is literally your hand is about vertical, straight up.
down on this is still at an angle, so still more ergonomic.
But it reminds me more of using that all the Logitech track, all that I used to use where it keeps your hand tilted, which is more ergonomic and general.
But it isn't just a drastic, your hand is straight up and down.
So if you are concerned about getting into a new spectrum of wireless devices.
mice, I guess, in this case, I wouldn't be too concerned about it because it is very conservative.
well, that does it for my review of the jelly comb, wireless vertical mouse, if you have small hands, or if you're used to a vertical mouse at your desk, and you want a vertical mouse to travel with.
I would definitely recommend this if this video was helpful to you.
Don't hit that like button if you could questions or comments, leave them down below who want to help you out any way that I can, if you want to see more tech and tech accessory related review videos, it has a subscribe button.
But until the next one, this is Aaron.