hey you guys, you mark in this video, I have a hands on look of a mini bluetooth keyboard that was sent to me so I can try it out and make a video for you guys.
Now this is the jelly comb keyboard.
And if you're one of those that have like a home theater pc, or have, like in the android TV or smart TV, or even the place.
for something like that, this device will actually easily just link up to your device.
Of course, if it has bluetooth right, and you can start operating it with this mini keyboard.
Now this is the package that it comes in.
So it's really, really simple.
That's why I'm not doing one of those up.
the usual unboxings and in the inside.
Of course, you're going to get the instruction manual, which, of course, I recommend going through because there's something you should know about the pairing.
I'm here.
You have a little bit of the specs if you want to read a little bit into it.
For example, this has a 250 million per hour battery.
should last you around 15 hours now in standby, tina should last around 30 days, charging time around one hour to 2 hours.
Honestly, it which we will charge for me like around one hour, and that's ah the distance that this promise is around 10 meters, around 10.
if this is, of course, that's if there's nothing blocking it in between your device and the keyboard.
Of course, you have in charging cable, which is a normal, typical micro USB cable.
And that said, so here is the keyboard.
Alexie has a little touchpad right here, which honestly, it is really.
release sensitive in and reacts really fast, so there's no lag whatsoever.
When I at least the times that I've been trying it over here.
You got the quarry keyboard.
And what school is that?
The keyboard, the keyboard is split in half.
That way.
It can fit them.
Mouse pad right in the middle.
And for me, that's really, really.
convenient as its better to use your basically, it feels like you are actually using a smartphone when you're typing here, but with physical keyboards.
And here's the touchpad it does have a functional keyboard right there, so you have the function and has the functions up here.
So if you're controlling, depending on the device, that you're controlling the function keyboard.
will react differently, of course.
All over here you got up down volume and all that, and skip forward.
And media binds right there, a mute button over there.
And other things over here, like home and email and all that.
I'm here.
Of course, you got this right here simulates a mouse.
so you got right, click, left.
Click and right.
Here you can use this depending on the vice that you're using.
You can actually be more uses to move around, or maybe you want to turn it on.
This is the power bright.
There you turn it on.
And it would actually turn it on.
If you want to start mom.
Bluetooth pairing press right there, and it'll.
are preparing right now, when it's like that, that means that it's impairing mode.
Now, when you're going to charge, was going to turn it off right there, it's going to use a cable that's connected here to the power.
suited to you go right there is charging.
So when he completely charges is going to be totally blue, and I think it also turns off as well, I think it also turns off as well.
but wanted to keep in mind if you're using it.
And you forget to turn it off.
it will automatically turn off after five minutes without detecting any usage, and just to wake it up, all you got to do is press a button and it will automatically wake up the keyboard, but yes, to save battery, it would actually turn off after 5 minutes.
Now I did test this keyboard with my smart Samsung.
and it did control perfectly well.
I could actually open the browser and navigate through the menu.
I can now go to browse.
And dude, like the normal typing all that, and it worked perfectly good on the touchpad, really responsive when I was navigating on the browser.
While I also tested this on the PlayStation.
4, and you can see on the video, it does work as well, or you can navigate around using the bay's here below the touchpad.
And you can also respond to messages and all that when you're typing, it feels really good.
Also, really easy to pair this mini keyboard to any device.
Or you got to do is go to the dog.
the vice section, or if you're using the TV, you would also go to manage devices.
And right there, you gonna make sure you put the keyboard on paramount, and you're going to see the.
the keyboard on the TV, on the device that you're want to hook it up to.
And that's also 1 year.
Look it up in Paris, in it I will automatically hook up to it when you turn on the keyboard.
And basically, that said, so I'm going to leave a link in my description for this mini Bluetooth keyboard, just in case you're.
interested in buying it, it's around, I think it's, I think it's around 1999 on Amazon shall leave a link in my description for that.
And I'm also going to leave a link for the website, jelly, calm.
I think there is a website for jelly.
Combine Ivano shaken, so, but I will leave a link in my description.
Just in case you are interested in.
it does feel really good.
Of course, it is made out of plastic, and the bones are made of hard rubber, but they do feel really, really good.
And like, see here in comparison with a smartphone, it's way smaller.
so that way you have an idea that this will easily fit in your pocket.
So guys, thanks for watching this video.
This was the mini Bluetooth keyboard from jelly comb.
Thanks for watching guys.