this is a bluetooth keyboard from jellycomb.

ok, so coming in from jelly comb is the foldable keyboard with touchpad, this is a little bluetooth keyboard that I have decided to pick up because.

of decks on the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus.

it's a pretty good system, and being able to have a keyboard and a trackpad all in one bluetooth.

Their connection really makes a sensible solution for you portable, office style things.

It costs 22.99 on Amazon dot co UK and free delivery if your subscriber.

and it has thee well as a foldable keyboard, supports multi-function keys.

F 1 f 12 to simulate most function.

and simulate most function, foldable keyboard with multiple function touchpad and led indicators, ultra-thin, portable design compatible with windows, ios and android.

Now it's a trip by jelly comb, and I've had a look at a couple of, there are things in the past, and I've been really quite impressed by it.

They do seem to make very quality.

at a very, very low price.scissor key.useful.a wireless 10 meter radius.

touchpad and triple fold so it it gets really small and gets put away.

Mike, tablet me.

what's gold?

okay, so it's actually larger, unexpected.

we get a little.

foldable keyboard and touchpad user manual.

and a micro USB cable for charging.

fairly cheap quality.

feeling, but, you know it, you probably have dozens of these.

Anyway. You'll use something else, say, I can't even imagine this black cable will come off.

So the main event.this is it. It's plastic.

it is, it's sort of metal effect.

Plastic.and straight away, I am feeling some.

movement here.

which shall not too fast. doesn't feel like it's going to survive too long, thrown in a bag, but, but will pass judgment wants something happens.

we have a hinge here, which is rubber.

and there's there's bits of metal up here in two metal screws in here, very small metal screws.

we have rubber feet here to avoid scraping on.

a table and died on the other side.

there's another hinge here.

or maybe that's just a cable, a type of ferda connect.

This to that.and we open it up.

and we have a full quality keyboard.

with A A little dinky touchpad on the side.

which is exactly what I wanted.

you can see that it does hang a wee bit at the edges.

which is a wee bit annoying, and the space bar seems to be divided between the two.

That doesn't quite compute in my mind as to why they did that.

they could have just had that one space by there.

But I guess people would regret then that the space bar, too small or something.

it does feel like it needs to be tightened up just a little.

it feels loose on the edges, which is a wee bit of a shame, but I guess one of your settings at dawn flat.

you're not going to notice that.

And then you just.

do that when you're done, throw it in your bag.

along the top, we have the charged area.

we have on the button.

and an off slider are on off slider.

Ok, so, right, yes, but I.

we have an on off slider.

that must be the bluetooth button for making a bluetooth connection.

and then that's about it.

On the if we turn her on.

we have a little blue light that pops up there.

there's a battery indicator there, which isn't telling us too much.

and we have, I guess, as a caps lock.

light.maybe the battery is a bit low.

And his.maybe we have to hold that in.

Yes, ok. To pair.right, ok.

So we are going to.

use this tablet here because it does have a bit of a decent stand that you can.c.where.pairing with.the bluetooth keep.

okay, so that's us.

Paired.having a quick look at the instructions, it does say that the the bluetooth light will twinkle.

whenever it's fun, as much mode.

So.I am, it was totally, they are not flashing to a glass at a bit of a different party.

so now we have a.a moist pointer on the screen of the tablet, which is very good.

Weekend.change our fonts and things like that. we can type in here.

Hello.and I got ticket over here trying to type something really quickly to see if it drops any characters.

maybe that was bad thinkers.

I've just noticed that the tea and the v are actually really small.

they're cut off because of the.

the main.fold in the in the keyboard.

right, so typing is ok, but I keep hitting here whenever I go for the tea or the V.which is a bit of a pain.

and you can see that I've managed to, as I type what's up, tiger lily?

at the the watts is missing a tea.

so going across the keyboard, we have all kinds of interesting symbols, because this is compatible with a couple of different operating systems.

It's got to have a bunch of different.

commands that it consent across.

So we have.all of these, like the two button there, has inverted comas and art sign.

And then a function to and all.

So maybe that select all on a page.

And then.copy.paste, maybe.and cut.then we have some media.

buttons here as well.

For.truck back play, pause track, forward.

Volume, volume or volume off, volume, down, volume, up.

lock and delete so we can use our function buttons to get extended.

functionality out of some of the buttons and we can switch it between modes, so ios, android and windows.

and then we have a pipe backslash and a function home page up, page, down, and and then over here we have a home button.

which she isn't an android, whom button body?

Perhaps it's just a universal symbol for whom?

and then we have a right angle thingy, can't remember what it was called, but there's underneath thought there's, I think it's a tide is not, or a tilde.

and then in apostrophe up there, so on a pipe as well, actually.

So that mustn't be a paper.

That's the pipe up there.

so yeah, there's a bunch of different symbols over here.

We have the hash which has.

to circles.with a lineup and a diagonal line.

and at, and veritas and apostrophe are here.

as well, we had an up up above over there.

So.yeah, buttons do seem to be kind of all over the place.

got a plus minus there.

And.sine cosine or something, I don't know what that is, maybe it's a calculator function.

Who knows?og r and options are commands.

That.there's tons of different thing.'s.yeah, we can do.

as there's no mouse function.

we can flip between, by, by using gestures and things like that, obviously.

um and.I the, and here there is a product feature of thing which tells you how to do all kinds of other shortcuts.

I copy and paste and things.

I'm touchpad functions.

so we have one finger click, is the left.

Most click.2 fingers slide is the voice wheel.

3 finger the windows.

and ask combination to open Cortana.

I can't imagine too many people are going to do that.

3, 3 fingers, slide up.

is the window tab combination?

2 finger click is the right most button.

and you've got two fingers, stretch is zoom.

so to be entirely honest, using something like this is on on various different tablets and an environments.

they built in an awful lot more than you would expect.

I was using egg, a keyboard, a mouse.

on an video shield, TV.

and I was having trouble actually managing to do things through.creme.

desktop, because you've got three different environments.

They are all.rolled into one, and it was really difficult to, I think, it was right click.

and I wasn't able to do just a traditional way, whereas this probably would be able to do that.

so it' has, its juices are a bit dubious about the build quality.

there is some magnets there actually that allows you do.

keep it shut whenever you close it.

yeah, which is.

almost useful.

They they fall apart quite easily.

and it's nice that it has a slightly on off button.

That's that's fairly good.

I'm being able to close.

It means that keys can't be pressed if you were to accidentally leave it on.

so this looks like a fairly useful thing to have.

It's fairly small.

I had thought that it was actually going to be smaller, but I'm looking at it.

it's it's a fairly decent size, especially for throwing in the side pocket.

Of a backpack, or or that kind of thing.

so yeah, if you have any questions, let me know.

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And other than that.take care.