welcome in this video, I'm going to be taking a look at this jelly comb, ultra-thin, foldable keyboard.
This was provided to me by the distributor, but they're not compensating me for this video, and they're not reviewing this before I post it.
If you'd like one of these, I put the link in the description to this on Amazon and a fuse out as it helps, how, love it doesn't cost you anything extra.
so this says ultra-thin, foldable keyboard, the ideal for your tablet device makes your life more colorful.
Scissor key wireless door fold and pee, which I think like a leather kind of finish.
So.it says park feature is support, ios, android, Windows systems.
I'm guessing this would work with mac, raspberry pi.
it says built-in 90 million power rechargeable lithium battery working for 15 hours, standby time, up to 18 days.
it says, adopts bluetooth three-point out chip and scissor switch multifunction court to keyboard, super portable and convenient foldable design, says bluetooth pairing charging low voltage indicator.
so we have micro USB charging cable.
here is the warranty card.
looks like we have the user manual.
and we have the keyboard itself.
so your unfolded like this, and it has a magnet to hold it closed.
here's the micro USB port.
it has that kind of leather finish on the outside.
so I'm going to compare this with my iPad.
I'll put that on the screen.
so it's and us hold this down for three seconds.
ok, and we have a blue light here.
and now on the iPad, we have bluetooth 3.0, keyboard.
it says it's connected.
so now I go to an app like pages.
and in the pages app.
and now.
were typing on it.
it types very nicely.
It's like a full-size keyboard, which is a little different from some portable keyboard, are just tiny.
I like that this is full size.
so it has the command button here, as opposed to the windows key, which shows you, this is kind of marketed towards the.
it's kind of the apple crowd, but I imagine that would work with either one.
Has your auto option.
are control.
so when I travel a lot of times with my iPad, I like to take a keyboard with me so I can use terminal software on my ipad.
And this would come in very handy because using the terminal on that little touch screen is not easy to do because you're doing all typing on that so you can use like command-tab on your iPad to switch between apps.
so that's kind of a cool feature.
so there we go to my music app.I can do it again.
they're probably all sorts of features I don't even know about that.
You can do it with a keyboard.
We can also. let's see if we can select something.
So I select the word keyboard here.
and then I can type command c to copy and command v to paste.
there we go.
and pays out a couple of times.
we can also hit shift, and then the arrow key to select.
so, that's very nice.
and we can go, let's see. Try. I go up down.
Yeah. You can use all the cursor keys.
So that's really handy.
let's see a page up, page, down.
Works.so page up, page, down, works.
looks like home and end.
Don't do anything. I don't know what to do, something they had more pages is in different apps.
I'm not sure it's hard to say.
so there's a bunch of functions, a list in here for different systems, like for ios, you can type, function key, and then escape to return to the desk.
f 1 for search, you can do, select, copy, stick, cut, pre track.
pause, play, next, mute volume up, volume down, and lock.
So, lots of features there.
so when you're done using it, you can just fold it up and it automatically shuts off.
so I like the compact design of this.
It would be easy to put in a pocket or putting a bag.
It's a very small photo, but I like our expansion.
so it doesn't lock open, so you wouldn't want to just use this on your lap.
It probably kind of cave-in, but you could put a book a hundred or something.
So I like how this is chargeable with micro USB because almost everything uses micro USB to charge now.
So if you travel your life where you have one of these for your cell phone or some other device you carry, so you can just use it.
is that same cable?
And you could charge this up with a battery pack, 2 or something that wouldn't be a problem.
so I think that's a neat little gadget there.
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