Today we are looking at a couple of new offerings from jelly comb.
this is a company who, Yeah, I had never heard of until a couple of months back when I started digging in the cameras and stuff.
looks like they mostly make.
wireless keyboards, my things like that.
and I would have thought that they were just another no-name brand, but they actually have a pretty decent website.
And seemed to have a pretty functional support and referral program, and things like that.
just put it out there, these cameras were not part of their first program.
I bought things I own money to play with.
I decided to look at these as the front runner of everything that I've played within the last few months.
has been one of the Jacob cameras.
so it's a little bit difficult.
formally differentiate these things because it's truly combed.
Not really a believer in model numbers.
if you look at these, this one has the D Lh US version and the sky is the Y X U our version.
But if you Google those numbers, you won't find anything.
so that doesn't really help.
of all art, so anyways, the best thing you can go on is the pictures and all include links below to.
each of these, and we will kind of figure things out from there.
So let's.pick one, and start.
you know, open it up, see how it looks.
and then we will, from there, get into.actually.
doing some side by side.that's.yeah, these are all are all both.
I have to.both 30 fps, 1080.
and I believe they both have stereo noise-canceling microphones.
the sound quality of the jelly comb is one of the things that are really bad.
really, even pretty outstanding., little Manuel seems not terrible.
it's actually fairly English.
It's not horribly, or my's look at them to myself.
okay, this is that this isn't too bad.
yeah, I'm not going to go all ivy here and tell you exactly what kind of plastic it is.
Because I have no idea, but it looks.
it looks a little on the cheap side it was in, doesn't look too bad.
Thurstan looks and feels pretty good, but the actual housing for the camera itself has that.
that's not terrible, not tall, but the front face is a little cheap feeling.
it does have a physical slider.
Which covers the.
covers the lens.
so always a fan of that, I don't know if it's electronics switch as well at this point.
I'm guessing that this guy right here, is going to be an activity light.
And of course, these are they.
holes for these stereo microphones.
that's pretty cool.
I just said that guy right here almost offer him.
okay, he was our friend and brother.
oh, okay.and the other on here.
and the same basic stats.
I will do a side by side, actual comparison of the stats probably put together something over on the website.
so that people can, people can see how the hardest stats compared to each other.
And. I'll figure things out from there.
I will put that back in that box.
So we don't confuse.back up, sorry.
and then look at the camera here.
alright, just look and feel.
The stand is the same across all of them.
This one still has that.
just shipping film on, as which a man can bother taking off with, that's why it looks glossy, it's the nice rubber underneath.
I'm not going to make the same mistake, made the first jelly comb video.
all right, the fitting finish wise.
the outer casing and looks about the same as the other one.
The.I shall face here, has this nice kind of almost a rubber coated Matt.
I really dig it.
the very center there is that kind of gloss plastic, which I'm not a huge fan of.and.this discover.let's say, yeah, I guess it works over right.
yeah, it slides.
Okay, it doesn't feel like it's going to be super, super durable.
But he will say.
and yeah, you can see the rocks a little bit here, and I'm kind of afraid to fall off her and off. Its supposed to easily come off or not.
ah, so you have at least a does physically cover the lands.
And once again, we've got what looks to be the same HD here, just oriented in the other direction.
and then a couple of holes for the, for the microphones, again.
yeah, so both of these, I think, do the twist and pivot and a ball right thing.
let's say, yeah.
this one rocks back and forth for an embarked twist.
Soy around.this one, yeah, rocks back and forth.
So yeah, it's just a ball drive from both of them.
but it does feel nice and tight.
and all it'll stay wherever you put it.
It doesn't look like there's any sort of adjustment on it for either one.
all right, let's get these on a tripod, compare them to some friends we already know about and see what they can do.
all right, so we're going to do.
blk 2 telephones show up the same device.
so let's look.
Listen to.this is the illogic.
And 20.this is the older Solyndra manual focus jelly ham.
this is the new kind of truth.
smile sliding cover, that sort of undermines.
all right, and sneaking in a last without being squared off.
New Anglican.and that should have everything up.
that's about what I've got for today.
If you want to see these specifications, break down.
check out the blog post, which is laid down in the description.
and I hope this was not.
and we will see next time.