he all here always reviews your watching our hands-on review of the jelly comb, ultra-thin wireless keyboard, and mouse combo. 

We actually felt deja vu when first looking at this product, because a few months ago we checked out something very similar to the same company. 

This is, there's kind of a standard keyboard and mouse combo that sells for 35 dollars. 

And won our editor's choice award, just because they really is a well-designed keyboard with very nice ergonomics. 

The fact that you only need one wireless USB dongle to connect both a mouse and a keyboard is very useful, and the fact that you can charge it up using micro USB is more convenient than having to toss away batteries when you run out. 

So we like that and basically, this is a copy and paste version of that one, except it's now larger, includes a dedicated num pad. 

The quality layout has his one nano receiver and it supports both Linux, mac, and pc. 

Is this a plug and play option with no additional drivers that you need to install? 

The most interesting thing about this packaging though is there there's actually a protector that you get.

in the box, this time is a silicon mat that you can place on top of the keyboard to prevent dust from accumulating, and it also protects the keys from getting a worn-out beneath the keyboard. 

We have a micro USB cable for charging. 

And there's also the exact same wireless mouse as we saw on the original variant, except now it's completely black as a process.

having a white and black accent, but it has the exact same weight, the same functionality, the same scroll wheel design and the ability to change the dpi or the sensitivity on the top here also has a very slim portfolio, and under the battery compartment is where you'll see the one nano receiver that again works both for the mouse and the keyboard. 

A closer look at the design of the.

keyboard again, very similar to the original version, in terms of having a hump.

on the base here, that's where the battery is actually built-in for recharging, and on both versions, you'll have micro USB ports on the right-hand edge for charging the keyboard when the power is running low. 

Luckily, you only have to charge one basically every month or two and see battery really is long-lasting and works quite well when differences, though, is on the original, you have.

curved keys, which a look a little bit more elegant, in my opinion, this one has square keys on the top row. 

There's access to additional media controls, including for volume skipping tracks in that works on windows, mac. 

It also works on Linux in addition to Android devices that have a USB port, there is an additional control for a page. 

Scroll up and.

there are also arrow keys, which are a lot larger now than they were in the original sense. 

They had a lot more limited space to fit this end. 

And there's a new physical switch that you can tap on when, when it screened, you can see this flash. 

And that means its turn on. 

So there's now a slight modification which is appreciated considering the last version had it on the back, which was harder to access.

the plate of the keyboard is still made out of plastic, like on the previous version, but it's not a huge deal sense that there is no real kind of palm rest area. 

So it still feels fairly premium. 

Are the back, however, is made out of aluminum, just like on the last versions include a desk cover, again, is a pretty unique new addition to the setup and season place.

surprisingly well, because of the resistance that's created with the soft rubber that naturally, just adhesives to the surface, it's very similar to the kind of a protector that you may see for mac books and other, more expensive laptops in the market. 

And again, it prevents the keys from getting worn down quite as quickly without being said. 

It does have a slightly different texture to the keys. 

They feel a little bit mushier. 

The overall experience is still good but is just loses a little more of that tactile sensation. 

And you maybe have to adjust to it by typing a little bit longer before you used to. 

It feels like otherwise. 

I found that the accuracy was about the same as when I typed without this keyboard cover on. 

And what I really like is that the transparency of the.

however, doesn't really affect the lettering, can see it looks very clear. 

In fact, at first, I was convinced that there was some kind of blight that was causing the keys to remain very prominent and vibrant. 

As you can see there. 

But actually, there's nothing. 

It's just the fact that they chose that still comes across very clearly, even across a second layer, and now it has somewhat, the keyboard sounds like.

side typing something out very quickly, and in general, I found that the accuracy was very good. 

I have made very little errors, and typing on others, almost no acclamation, in terms of having to get used to the layout if you've used the standard kind of island or chick that keyboard in the past. 

And then you'll.

you write at home here, the keys are spacious, the layout is very standard and again, there's a nice springiness to all. 

The keys are even once in the middle. 

The space bar also feels very consistent. 

You can see how there's a more noticeable dip inside the center keys. 

So if you are typing along, it feels slightly more ergonomic on the original. 

The difference is on the full-size keyboard. 

The keys.

are both larger as well as a little bit looser in terms of the sound and the feeling the mouse actually works really well. 

And just like before, we had no real complaints. 

When it comes to the accuracy, you can change the dpi so that it can move around more freely on the screen, or it moves around more conservatively, and you up to exert more motion to get it to move, or you can get it to again. 

A higher.pi, it's not going to be quite as good as a real gaming mouse. 

If you do need really precise movements, but for casual use, for documents, for scrolling, everything feels smooth and responsive. 

The connection is also quite good. 

The nano receiver will get you easily 25 ft, 30 ft. 

So as long as the devices are in the same room, you should be fine. 

So interaction.

with some of the pages here, you can see that scrolling is pretty smooth, using these scroll bars on the top. 

The profile is also very slim, while which means it's easy to take with you, but it doesn't have quite as ergonomic of a grip as some other models on the market.

that's more or less our hands-on review of the jelly comb.

full-size wireless keyboard and mouse combo as a whole. 

Again, it provides the same benefits that we liked about the original, including for your responsive keyboard that offers nice, springy keys, good battery performance, and a consolidated design that prevents you from taking up two USB ports on your computer when all you need is just one for both the mouse and the.

the keyboard now, I think that in separation, they're not necessarily going to be the best keyboard or the best mouse. 

I think that, again, the mouse is a little bit thin, so it's not the most ergonomic in terms of postures. 

Also, the keyboard. 

I still perform mechanical design. 

So if you want the absolute best one device, either this or that, then there might be better options. 

But if you are looking.

for an all in one set, this is a good option to consider. 

And so watching this video here at os refused.