hey guys, ripped Janey from the paleo world and to date her boxing and reviewing as portable keyboard made by jelly comb.

Now, this is a 34 dollar foldable keyboard that you can find on Amazon.
The links will be in the description below.
And this seems to be a really cool, really good fordable keyboard.
Now they make a little a lower end, if you want to say that version of this, it's 30 dollars, in this case, obviously, this one here is 34 solo higher end, but the 30 dollars 1, I believe it's only bluetooth, but this one you could have both bluetooth and a wired connection.
And there's also a few little other differences.
But in this case, I'm just going to be reviewing.
the high-end version, so let's go on to become a shown you around the box.
So you see here.
the nice little picture of what the keyboard looks like.
and I've got to save this box is very small, so I assume that the keyboard, obviously folded up, is a little bit smaller than this box.
So pretty small so far.
jellycomb here, or brand name, that's nothing on the side, same thing on this side and this side.
No, I'm back here.
We have a label human look at that.
They go.
and then a picture of what it looks like unfolded, and then folded.
So ah, com get into this.
So it came this way.
I didn't cut anything in.
pull it out itself as how it came.
Anyways, it's going to take it out.
And here it is.okay.
feels pretty decent so far, very small.
Wow, let's go and fold it.
look at that.
oh, that's cool.
That is really cool.
Took that down, then here's the love trackpad.
you see, it does click.
very cool. and then on the top here we have an off and on the button.
And then I believe this is a Bluetooth pairing button and then a charge port or a wired connection port.
to like a desktop pc or something like that.
very cool.
It's going to see what else is included.
And users me and you're here.
and this.
oh, it's if you're happier or not happy, or something like that warranty at about jelly, canned stuff like that.
So there you go.
There's that.
it's going to see what else we have a charging cord, and that's it for the box.
So pretty long cord.
looks like it, at least.
And then you can also, again, useless for a wired connection to like a laptop or something like that.
So, very cool.
So far I'm going to go in and set this up with an iPad.
Of course, this will work on a computer and stuff.
It should, at least, I guess I could test that later on.
And it was.
I'm going to.
up with an eye pad and go ahead and test it out.
I so front of me, I have my iPad here.
This is an iPad.
Many second, Jen and the keyboard is ok up to the iPad here through bluetooth.
Obviously, it's not a wired connection right now.
Anyways, let's go ahead and test this thing out.
and sure enough, it's working.
You can see their exactly what I typed on the keyboard is exactly what came up on the iPad.
and click delete here.
sure enough, check that out.
It is working.
subscribe anyways, you can see it's definitely working perfectly fine.
The only complaint that I have, if you could even call a complaint is that the T And the v buttons are a little small.
Obviously, that's because of this case here in their little hard to type on a normally.
used to have a normal size keyboard, but this one's obviously pretty small.
So I think if you use it for like a week or some, you would definitely get used to it, but just in a few months, I've used it so far and not too used to it.
you see there, if you actually pay attention to what you're typing and where your fingers are when you're using the and the T buttons, you would actually probably type.
that perfectly fine, so it's definitely working.
Space bar, you can see it's working.
Everything works clearly.
Caps lock.
You can see it turns on the light here, for the cat's luck.
so, yeah, it's working.
I guess what, how come to do now is hook up a computer to this, and I'll number one, test out, be a wired connection.
And also artist, at least little trackpad thing here and see how that works.
Obviously, I can't try that on an iPad is an iPad, doesn't have a cursor seat, won't work.
so if you're using us, unlike a phone, obviously you're not going to be able to use the trackpad to.
use on your touch screen.
So I'll go.
fuck this up to a computer, laptop.
In his case, a MacBook, actually.
And I'll go in and test it out.
all right, so as you can tell, it is connected to my computer, MacBook air, in this case, through the wired connection, I'm going to actually test this out on my mac, but through the Bluetooth connection, who can see how that works, anyway, you can see it's connected through the wire.
Here you have to turn it on for it to work.
It's going to test out against the trackpad function first.
and is there it is.
Can look at that.
it is working, that's pretty cool.
there you go, I'm going to go and right-click.
it's working, let's go and see if it, since his finger gestures or whatever.
However, you say it.
yeah, sure enough, it does.
You can see, I'm going to get me to think your tap it.
and it senses it so that does work.
Very cool.
And then here I have the console open on my MacBook, and I'm going to test out the keyboard function.
it's going to drag it down here.
it's been tested out.
for now, that is working just fine.
Very cool.
So obviously it does work through the wired connection.
I'm going to go ahead and peerless self through Bluetooth connection and see how that works.
all right, so I had the computer here, and I also, the keyboard, obviously connected through Bluetooth to my MacBook as go in and see first of the trackpad functions works.
It's one of very interested.
yeah, yep, sure enough like that, just yours and stuff.
Yeah, it works.
Check that out.
very cool.
I'm going to go in and type feel that words.
check that out, it's working perfectly fine so you could either a computer use it through Bluetooth or a wired connection.
In this case, if your computer has bluetooth, just use bluetooth, it's much, much simpler.
You don't have to have a wire in your waist stuff like that.
But if you have an order to peer, it doesn't have bluetooth, such as my gaming company.
and for some reason doesn't have bluetooth, so I would, if I was going to use this with my gaming computer out after use.
The court here, so there you go.
Very cool.
So far, I'm really liking this keyboard.
and then I give this really not much more to say about it.
So let's go ahead and give you guys my final opinions.
all right, so overall, what do I think of this portable keyboard?
I think this thing is actually really cool for the price.
I would never actually, in my life, even seen or tested out a folding keyboard, and this one seems to be very good for the price. 34 dollars.
really, like how compact it is.
He just folded out, sticking in your book bag or wherever you're going.
Very nice.
Really, like that.
You can also use a wired connection to a computer in case your computer, laptop, whatever doesn't have bluetooth.
I really like that.
So to work on pretty much any computer, I would also presume that works.
some windows, I don't know why wedding, it really just acts as a normal keyboard, your computer doesn't know the difference if it's like foldable one or whatever, it should work on windows.
In fact, I believe it does.
So there you go.
Very cool though.
Keyboard height.
Really recommend this thing you're looking for.
Well, affordable keyboard.
do we like that, also has a little trackpad built-in.
That's pretty cool.
I don't know why you would really use it over your normal trackpad.
Maybe if you actually have a mouse-like on a desktop computer, and you don't want to use a mouse, you want to use the trackpad.
Maybe you could use this, and it does work.
It definitely.
works perfectly fine, in my case, at least, so very cool.
I really like that.
This is built-in, and I really like this thing.
Overall build quality seems to be pretty good, pretty decently solid.
The snow made a metal or anything.
Actually, a hinges are, that's pretty good.
you can see here.
here is a little bit of play.
I wouldn't push the limits with this thing.
I would keep arabic because I'd be afraid of it snapping in half.
kind of like a foldable phone.
You know, it's not very good idea.
It could very well snap in half.
So definitely if you're going to get one of these, keep care of it, at least arousing might break it.
Within the first few months, out on the hinges that again, when I be primarily scared of, and I feel looking for a good, affordable keyboard, go ahead.
take up one of these, definitely recommend it.
He was very good for the price.
So yeah, I guess it's really a for this video.
Hope everybody enjoyed it, and don't forget to like and subscribe.
Alison, next time, goodbye.