Everyone, I'm going to review the beautiful jellycomb keyboard.

Many of you have been asking me for the link, asking me more about it.
What do I think about it?
And I wanted to take the opportunity not only to show you what are the pros and cons of this keyboard, but also to take a sneak.
peek at my new checkered journal or triggered notebook.
So I hope you guys enjoy this video.
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So let's get straight into this video.
all right, first things first.
One of the favorite things that I love about this keyboard is the way it sounds when you're typing on it.
So let's practice, or let's hear it.
I'm going to.
go ahead and going to my text.
and I'm going to create another.
part on this index, I'm going to call it notes.
so let's just put notes in here, or is a caps.
I didn't even notice that.
okay, so we're going to write some fake notes so we can test it out.
Sir gonna go straight into that part.
and we're going to write some notes.
okay, so I just wrote like a random thing, but you guys pretty much get the point.
I love the sound of this.
keyboard is nice and soft, it is quirky, but I feel like it's a more softer kind of click.
this keyboard also comes with a cover, so it's clear he could still see the gorgeous colors.
And an oath.
Of course, I put it upside down.
You can still see the gorgeous color underneath.
and it makes the typing softer.
I'm going to show you.
all right, but I like to.
to the fact.
now.now that we know how it types, let's move on to the other parts.
Another great thing about this.
is how it integrates so well with good notes with all the apps on your iPad pro.
So if you ever want to cut, copy, paste, whatever, it's just as if you're using any other keyboard like on a mac, on a windows computer.
So let's say I wanted to USA on the other thing.
so let's say I wanted to.
cut and paste, or whatever.
the good thing is that you can move using these keys.
so if I want to pay something here, I can.
if I want to go to the end here, I can't let's now.
I want to do notes like me.
I don't know.
random things, and I go ahead, and I copy just that piece.
I can cut it.
go to the beginning.
and pressed this button here and paste it.
so it goes right at the beginning.
and let's say, I want to copy and paste the stickers.
so obviously we have to use our last of tool.
and we can.copy.go into here.
and let's actually let me go into the next page.
and let's paste, there you go.
You can use these keys to even paste.
stickers like, come on, what else can we do?
we have a lot of functions here.
So let's say, I want to go to tab 2.
What I'd have to do is press this.
And two.
and it brings me to the next tab.
I can press this again.
it shows me if I want to go back to the checkered notebook.
so, so much easier while you're in this mode, you don't have to switch back and forth, clicking up, kicking down if you just want to switch.
easy here.two.here.
you can even go to three.
it shows you all the different tabs.
I think it's up to 3 taps.
I'm not exactly sure.
but I do see these three times, and there's other functions here, when you click and hold.
so that is another really cool tip about using this keyboard.
another great thing about the jelly comb keyboard is that you can switch between two types of devices.
So currently I have my phone connected to number one, and my ipad connected to number two.
you can connect two different devices as long as they accept bluetooth, they'll be useful.
on another positive, the battery lasts extremely, extremely long, and it goes to sleep on its own.
So just in case you forgot it on, it sleeps on his own.
but then it wakes up when you do press on it, it wakes up, and you can function.
It can function again.
So it does have a sleep mode.
So now.
some of the cons about this.
this part here, where I'm holding it, only holds an ipad about 11 inches, so my ipad is the 11 inch ipad pro.
And if it's perfectly my 10.5 inch ipad pro also fit perfectly in here.
however, if you have the bigger version, I think it's 12.9 inch, it will not fit on this ipad.
Wp, Wp, I love this.
It's such a beautiful color.
And when I heard that it did not think the 12.9 I was like, well.
11 inch here ain't come another company you're going to see is right behind.
what is this, you may ask, what are these flimsy pieces of paper?
Well, I have to add a few pieces.
in order to keep my ipad standing upright, or else, this is how it would be, it wouldn't be like this.
It would be like this.
and I find it so annoying to have my ipad like this.
for some people this is fine.
This is not a big deal.
but I like my ipad just a little bit angled upwards, so I have to add some pieces.
behind it, I would say completely and honestly, that's probably my only major concern for it.
I love the color is super cute.
It matches my aesthetic, so let's take a really good look at this keyboard.
so what's really great about it, is it shows you exactly.
where you're connecting to.
And also, if there is short of power, if its sort of power.
you can turn it off.
come here and turn it on, and it will let up here, and it'll show you exactly what is what it's connected to.
What is slitted up to what it's connected to through these right here?
right there.
so these keys are super, super beautiful.
It has a sort of matte.
type of finish to them at the very top.
and it feels so good to press.
it feels so nice to press, you guys are telling you, I love it.
so also, on the back.
it has these rubbers to keep it in place and sturdy.
it's also pretty hefty and heavy.
make sure that your ipad remains stable when it is leaning back seat, leaning back on this.
So that's probably the real reason why it's so heavy.
So it is pretty heavy carrying it with, you might be a con for if you have this, and like your laptop or this and your ipad.
and here is the charging port.
and it does keep charge for a really, really long time.
so just showing you all around.
this is basically what it looks like all around.
It's pretty thin.
and really cute, the logo is right up here.
I am in love with this keyboard, you guys, you guys enjoyed this video and know, I yapped a lot.
So forgive me for that, but I'm so happy that I was able to get on here and create this review for you.
Are right guys, see you in the next one by.