Hi,guys, here are some reviews of jelly comb products. Let's take a look now~ Ok, let’s started with the super ultra-thin wireless keyboard with a mouse. It does have a nice aspect of this keyboard and it also comes with a cover in case you got sticky hands or you spill drinks on your keyboard, and the cover is made of very thin lightweight material and see the keys.

     It has a heavy number of pads. As for its size perspective, it also has up/down/left/right keys all your home keys all your shortcut keys, which is very comprehensive for a very petite wireless keyboard that other keyboards dose not have.

     It has 2.4 gigahertz wireless which matters because you are not gonna have problems with its latency or losing the connection. Let me put it this way, you are not gonna have any issues with this chilly fine keyboard.

     Aside from these ergonomically designed mouse with the roller wheel and everything you need. There is a button that has two triple-A batteries. You don’t have to worry that your battery goes dead quickly. It has a little USB connection stores in with the batteries when you are not using it.

     The fine product perfect design for keystroke will reduce wrong input and press to be softer. When you press the button, people around you even won’t hear the sound. Also, the silent click of the mouse will not bother somebody when they are working or doing other stuff, which is a huge advantage that people should get enough notation.

     All in all, this keyboard and mouse is great for a wire-free desktop minimalistic designed simplistic easy to use. By the way, all the product has super cheap shipping. Thanks for watching~