Attention, this is a product review of Jelly Comb mouse. Let’s check out the Jelly Comb wireless vertical mouse to see if it’s a good option for a more ergonomic Mouse experience. The vertical mice is a matte black with a softer rubber coating around the entire thing, the build quality on it is seriously pretty good, and it is also useful to use not just the vertical aspect but just because of that soft rubbery feel to it. Oil from your hands does not stand out on the mouse. If you pay attention to it, you could take a Kleenex and wipe it off.

     And it would be a big deal is a fairly standard five-button design. The DPI setting on the mouse is there are three different stages there’s 800 1200 and 1600 which is a pretty decent spectrum of a low sensitive medium and high. The mouse uses 2.4 gigahertz wireless spectrum which is pretty standard for most wireless devices these days. has three types of connection and it got a USB type C connection, a type a connection, and Bluetooth so you can use anyone you want.

     Ok, let’s taIk about the vertical profile next. This vertical mouse is supposed to turn your wrist more vertical like this, It is easy on your joints and easier on your wrist, depending on how you hold it. It is very useful for people who have small hands or have pain issues with oversized mice., and it also fits perfectly into many people’s hands, I think the average person should be fine with it. You may love the soft click of the mouse, the soft click is almost like a little thud or a thump. So that the click noise will not bother others around you when you are working or studying. It is very considerate.

     The scroll wheel has a little button at the top here that you can click, the mouse will change the tracking speed so when you are moving your mouse around and the pointers on your screen are too fast, push the button you can slow it down or speed it up. There are two more buttons on the side for the thumb buttons.

     In general, this is an ergonomically designed mouse. By the way, all the product has super cheap shipping. Thanks for watching ~