Product Name 3-Layer Electronics Organizer Pro (Travel Tech Bag)
Item NO. TB01
Weight 0.4 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz

Our Tech organizer bag is finally here.

A big shout out to all our members from the Product Workshop who collaborated to develop this bag. Your amazing ideas help created this bag. Thank you all.




Demonstration of the elastic velcro straps in the 3rd layer



The perfect electronics organizer for Tech users

Use this one bag to organize and pack all your electronic devices!  This organizer bag is designed by frequent travelers and Tech experts, they have added features and improved details based on their own experience.



Why Is This Organizer Great?

  • After you place a charging station/hub with the velcros, you will never need to remove it from the bag again. You can connect the power outlet and all charging cables while leaving everything in the bag, making your charging process 10 times easier. 

  • This is extremely handy especially when you are on a trip, staying in a hotel. Before checking out the room, you don't need to pack your electronics, just pull the cables in and zip your bag and you can leave right away. 

  • Double zipper for leaving a gap in any direction: when you want to pull out a charging cable from your power bank without having the whole bag wide open.

  • Massive storage space: outer front pocket, inner front pocket, mesh pockets with zipper, elastic velcro straps, etc.