MS001 Wireless Mouse

Depends. This mouse requires the standard USB type A port to work. New 2018 Macbook Air with only Type-C ports will not be compatible.


MS003 Dual Mode Mouse

There is no significant difference, Bluetooth however, is slightly more efficient.

Brand new battery with 8 hours of daily usage, can last for about a month.

Our keyboard works on Bluetooth 4.0. Only operating systems after Windows 7 supports Bluetooth 4.0. So if your computer hardware supports BT4.0, you can simply update your OS to Win 8 or later. Otherwise, you can still use the 2.4 Ghz USB wireless connection.


MS05 Wireless Dual Mode Mouse


MV014 Vertical Mouse


MT50 Trackball Mouse

The trackball may get sticky when it gets dirty, so it is designed as a seperate piece, you can simply push it out and clean it.