Have you ever tried typing in your natural arm position?
We are excited to introduce you to our KE68 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

With the ergonomic split design, Jelly Comb KE68 keyboard enables a more comfortable typing experience and helps you adjust to a more natural wrist & arm position.

The ergonomically curved palm rest is cushioned to offer better wrist support and reduce bending strain. There are three different adjustable elevation degrees for a bit of personalization.

The KE68 split keyboard connects up to three devices via Bluetooth, universally compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android OS.
Enjoy ergonomics without compromising efficiency.
For those who are looking for a solution to work more comfortably, KE68 split keyboard is a great option.

KE68 Ergonomic Split Keyboard
now available for $79.99 at Jelly Comb