MT50 Trackball Mouse

SKU: MT50-black

Trackball Mouse: an amazing alternative to traditional mice, allows you to navigate the cursor through your thumb
Ergonomic Design: minimize arm & wrist movements, reduce muscle strain and relieves RSI (repetitive strain injury)
Bluetooth4.0 & 2.4G Wireless: connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, one click to switch in between
Rechargeable: built-in Li-ion 600 mAh battery, a single charge lasts a month
3 Adjustable DPIs: adjust cursor sensitivity between 1000/ 1600/ 2400
Universal Compatibility - Windows XP/ 7 / 8 /10 & Mac OS X 10.10+

Switch power ON, press the 'arrow circle' button next to DPI button, to switch to Bluetooth channel '2' or '3'. Hold arrow button for 3-5 seconds until white light flashes rapidly to enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

Retrieve USB receiver from the back of the mouse,insert USB to your computer. Press the 'arrow circle' button next to DPI button and switch to WI-FI channel '1' to start using.

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