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USB Wireless Receiver

USB Wireless Receiver Item NO: USBR

US$ 2.99
A A(white) B B(white) D E
Free Shipping
  • Wireless USB Receivers
  • *Please read the details to make sure you get the matching type*
  • Type A ---MS001, MS002, MV021
  • Type B ---KUS009, KUS015, KUS015E, KUT019, KUT027, KM033, KM034
  • Type D ---M006 Type-C mouse
  • Type E ---MV009, MV015, MV014, MV016
Product Name USB Wireless Receiver
Weight 1.0000 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Accessories > Product Support
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation time 2018-11-28


Do not worry if you have lost your USB receiver, you can get a replacement receiver here and pair it yourself.  Watch the tutorial videos below to learn how to pair the receiver. Please contact support@jellycomb.com if you have any question. Thank you!

Type A matching models (Black/White are the same)

MS001, MS002, MV021

Type B matching models ( Black/White are the same)

KUS009, KUS015, KUS015E, KUT019, KUT027, KM033, KM034

Type D matching models

M006 Type-C mouse

Type E matching models

MV009, MV015, MV014, MV016

Pairing Tutorial Video- Type A, Type D, Type E  (mouse)

Pairing Tutorial Video- Type B   (keyboard combo)


Retta Z

I received this USB Wireless Receiver quickly (free shipping)! The tutorial was quick and easy! I will never buy a mouse from any other company.


Anne Marie Cowell

Great customer service. I lost my usb dongle and was able to get replacements within 2 days. Video shows how to reset your mouse and pair with new dongle. Very impressed with their customer service and my ergonomic mouse! I would not change to another mouse!

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