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Triple Mode Wireless Mouse MS04 (Bluetooth +Type C +USB connection)

Triple Mode Wireless Mouse MS04 (Bluetooth +Type C +USB connection) Item NO.: MS04

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  • ✔ TRIPLE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Compared with traditional mouse, it’s a brand-new versatile mouse with triple wireless mode - Bluetooth/USB/Type C connection. Work on THREE DEVICES? No problem. Just connect one device through Bluetooth, one through USB receiver and another through type c receiver. With only a click of the button, you can switch between three devices freely, from your desktop to your tablet, Mac to cellphone, extremely convenient.
  • ✔ RECHARGEABLE WIRELESS MOUSE: Built-in 300mAh lithium battery, the wireless mouse can be easily recharged through included USB cable or USB C cable. Long battery life, no need to change batteries.
  • ✔ SENSITIVE AND NOISELESS CLICK: 3 adjustable DPI level 1000/1600/2400, easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity. Provide a fantastic using experience of fast response, smooth tracking, precise movement. Silent click keep you stay focused on your work, no worry about disturbing others.
Product Name Triple Mode Wireless Mouse MS04 (Bluetooth +Type C +USB connection)
Item NO. MS04
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Mice > Wireless
Tag type-c mouse , bluetooth rechargeable mouse , laptop mouse , PC mouse , mouse macbook , usb-c bluetooth mouse , wireless mouse macbook , chromebook mouses , slim laptop mouse
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation Time 2019-03-29

Product Description




Before Jelly Comb I've mostly been using Logitech mice which are pretty solid mice. However, after trying the Jelly Comb mouse I don't think I'll go back. The mouse is lightweight, functional and works well with the color scheme of my laptop! The battery life is phenomenal which is always very important for any wireless device and the mouse just feels good to use in my hand. I'm also incredibly impressed by the tri-mode feature. With the number of cords that I need to plug in and out of my computer I never know if I'll have space in only my USB-c or USB 3.0 port. With the option to choose from either port or even Bluetooth it means I'll always be able to use my mouse regardless of what other cords I need.



This is a very lightweighted and convenient mouse to use. Since I travel for work a lot, I found it easy to bring this mouse anywhere I work. The battery last pretty long. The click does feel different from other mouse (it feels lighter when I click), but I get used to it pretty quickly. Overall it's a good product.



Easy to install and has nice feel in your hand, quite too! Comes with two types of receivers to plug into your computer, the old style USB and the Type-C. both can be found in a compartment on the bottom side of the mouse.


Damian Figueroa

Connects to multiple devices with no issues. I have it connected using Bluetooth with my MacBook Pro and USB-C with my iMac. All I do is press the button on the bottom and select the desired mode and it’s connected. It’s that quick and that simple. It has an on/off switch, great for when I toss it in my bag. The mouse is quite, comfortable and works on almost every surface I’ve used it on. The battery is rechargeable and you never need to worry about losing the receiver pieces because they are stored in the mouse it self. I would have to say, this is by far the best mouse I’ve ever used.


Corey & Vanessa

This mouse is sessy. I've already recieved a couple of compliments! It's slim and sleek and understated. The matte black and gold trim are classic. It feels comfortable in my hand and shows no lag. Not only does it look good it feels well made and tough. I am not worried I need to be careful and delicate when using it. Wireless and rechargeable are A+ of course - a necessary evil now.
There are no problems so far with the signal or at all for that matter. Just going to eventually replace all mouse's with this one.


Lori S

I love this mouse. It's quiet, it feels nice in your hand. Did I mention it is quiet?!?


Dean Brown

This mouse works GREAT! I can use it on 3 separate devices, simultaneously!
I use it on my phone, via the Bluetooth setting.
I use it on my laptop, via the USB-C connection.
I use it on my desktop computer, via the regular USB connection.
All you have to do, is set them all up and then use the selector switch (on the bottom) and seamlessly switch between all three!
I like the design and the feel of this mouse. It's compact design makes it very portable and can easily be carried in my electronics organizer!
If there were one thing that I would give a word of caution about, is that when you are using the selector switch, be careful to not look into the laser (which is right next to the selector switch)!
So, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is considering this!


Barry Do

This multi option wireless mouse is perfect for travel because you can use either USB regular, USB-C or Bluetooth with the laptop without concern much on low battery and freedom of moving the mouse without the inconvenient taking up space of wired mouse.


DGS: Gadget Guru

The Gadget Guru travels a lot and takes his Lenovo x1 Carbon everywhere. While my laptop has the unique red button and track pad neither can replace the speed and accuracy of a standard mouse. I have a dozen or so mouses that I use when I am on the road and all of them have a USB fob that to connect with my Lenovo and I've had to toss out a mouse or two because I lost the fob. The bluetooth connectivity on my laptop is used sparingly so I was looking for a mouse that would help me eliminate the need for a fob and connect directly with bluetooth. The Jelly Comb Slim Noiseless Optical Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth, USB and C gave me triple the connectivity that I was looking for.

The Jelly Comb is also rechargeable which means that I can travel without running the risk of not have a couple of AAA batteries in my bag. Right of of the box I opened the sliding port and inside there is a USB and a Type C USB inside.
There is a button on the back that allows the user to select either using one of the two FOBs or bluetooth aka BT. I chose BT, went into windows and set up a scan. It immediately found the mouse and I was good to go without having to download drivers or anything. Since it is a rechargeable unit it actually comes with two charging wires for USB or Type C. The unit came charged but I topped it off. When not in use the unit powers down to save battery and to start it up you just click and you are good to go. Since it is my new travel companion I manually turn it off before going in my bag. When I boot up my laptop it immediately finds the mouse as long as it is switched on.

This is a fantastic mouse for the money, and would recommend for anyone that needs a high value bluetooth mouse and more. Once the mouse has been paired, the connection was solid and did not have any issues.

One feature that works surprisingly well on this mouse is the DPI button (the one below the scroll wheel). I have it dialed into the slowest setting and it works great for me. You can really crank this mouse up where even the slightest movement will send the cursor flying across the display, however I find having the slower cursor works better for me. If you want a rocket fast cursor, this mouse will provide that experience for you.

Regarding the right and left buttons I was surprised as to how soft they felt. Compared to the mice the left and right buttons have a longer travel and end with a softer click than the short and firm responsiveness found on the other mice. It took some adaptation but I now like it and in fact has kind of grown on me a little bit.

The scroll wheel and middle button have great feel and a clearly defined response once the any of the buttons have been fully depressed. The scroll wheel works great and displays the responsiveness you would expect in any mouse. No complaints here.

I have been using this mouse for the last few days. I was immediately pleased that what showed up in the box was what I had ordered. The look and feel is similar to my favorite Lenovo wireless mouse that I have had for years. The slim size fits much better into my Tumi bag but it is still a full size mouse and fits my hand very well. Unlike some cheap wireless mice that I have had to endure this one is responsive. I am not a gamer but I am a world class multitasker so getting a click when I need it is really important to me.

Goofy as this sounds using a mouse is a big part of my day to day life which in many ways is something that is programmed into my constant activities. I rely on my laptop as my top tool for making a living and it mouse that I physically connect with and is almost like breathing, something I do automatically and between my mouse and the keyboard is my connection to my work and play.

This unit is feature packed, great for travel and has super flexibility with 3 ways to connect. One cool feature is that in Windows under BT it will even tell you how much of a charge your unit has left.

This is a great value for the money and a great investment. I received this unit in exchange for a candid review.



Versatile and chargeable.



I normally use Logitech wireless mouses, but I decided to try out this Jelly Comb slim mouse with quiet buttons since I've been very impressed with Jelly Comb products in the past (including the wireless Mac-compatible keyboard I'm typing this review on!). From the moment I installed this mouse, I was immediately impressed. Just as advertised, it's MUCH quieter on both the right and left mouse buttons and the scroll bar compared to my Logitech mouse. It connected instantly to my laptop once I turned it on and plugged in the USB nano receiver, and my hand fits comfortably over the mouse to glide it around. As shown in the photos, this mouse is symmetrical, making it suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Additionally, it has a much slimmer profile than a Logitech mouse. Much like an old school mouse, a red laser emits from the bottom of the mouse, though fear not - you don't need a semi-transparent mouse pad for the mouse to function properly! It works just fine on the solid wooden surface of my desk. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase, though I can't yet speak about the longevity of the mouse or its battery life (which I expect to be months!).


Oli WA

The mouse is very lightweight. Some won't like it, I think it's actually nice. There is an on/off in the back which is convenient when travelling. The wireless dongle fits nicely in the battery compartment and is easy to get to (contrary to some that are a pain to take out).

Time will tell on the durability and battery life front.



Came in a really small box, nicely packed. The mouse itself is sleek and slim. I am using it with my mac machineand it felt like the responsiveness was a fraction second off

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