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Muti-device Bluetooth Keyboard BK230

Muti-device Bluetooth Keyboard BK230 Item NO: BK230

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Black and Green Dark Gray White and Green Black and Silver
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  • Dual Channel. Connect 2 devices at a time.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Operating distance up to 32 feet.
  • Scissor-Switch keys. Comfortable and smooth.
  • Smart Power Save. Auto sleeps after extended inactivity.
  • Rechargeable 180mAh Li-ion Battery. 40 work hours per charge, standby up to 6 months.
Product Name Muti-device Bluetooth Keyboard BK230
Item NO BK230
Weight 0.8000 kg = 1.7637 lb = 28.2192 oz
Category Keyboards > Bluetooth Keyboard
Tag bluetooth keyboard , wireless keyboard , tablet keyboard
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation time 2018-05-28

Connect 2 devices with one keyboard, Bluetooth dual channel switch.

The keyboard is a standard QWERTY keyboard layout, easy to use. Scissor-Switch keys provide you with very comfortable and pleasing typing experience. The perfect design of the key strokes can reduce the wrong input effectively and make the “press” softer and quicker. 

Built-in 180mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, provides more than 40 hours working time and 6 month standby. Enter into sleep mode automatically when no operation for 10-15 minutes for power saving. Click any button to wake it up. 

Support most devices with Bluetooth capacity.
Smartphone & Tablet: 
iPad 9.7’’ iPad 6 2018, iPad 2017 /10.5’’, iPad Pro 10.5 iPad Air/ iPad mini/ iPhone X/8/8plus with iOS 5 or later. 
Surface pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10, Samsung note 8 , Android tablet with Android 3.2 or later 
And more
Computer& Smart TV: 
Dell HP Lenovo and more computer with Windows 7/8/10 or later 
Samsung smart TV, Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generations only, 

Channel 1 blue light turns on for 2 second and flashes when press FN+C to connect the keyboard.
Channel 1 or 2 blue light stay on when device is connected 


Layout: QWERTY Keyboard
Weight: 23.81oz
Dimension: 11.34*6.31*0.60in
Channel Length: 10.8*0.5in
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0
Working Distance: Up to 33ft
Charging Time: 2 to 3 hours
Working Time: Above 40 hours
Standby Time: Around 6 months

Package Included: 

1 x Bluetooth Keyboard
1 x user manual
1 x micro usb charging cable



This keyboard is very weighty, which is great for holding up devices in profile. But the keys are spaced out more than a regular keyboard (especially the pink stretch to the enter key), which made typing uncomfortable. The keys were also extremely clacky. The bluetooth wasn't strong and cut in and out. It also seemed to drain my tablet battery much faster than the keyboard that originally came with it. Had to return this item.


Cody H

Works great! Fits my Galaxy S3 on its side with a case on with 1 inch to spare. It fits snug with the case on but the viewing angle is great. Will update this review in 6 months.


Baby Bee

I have a Samsung note 8 and Samsung 8, and it works perfectly with my phone. A well made functional keyboard.



I just bout this a week ag and I absolutely love it. It is easy t set up and oks great with my Android table and Android phone. Great buy!



Ok, so first and foremost let me just say that I absolutely hate typing on tablets. I fought my company for months trying to avoid having to use one for this reason. This keyboard makes the issue moot. In fact, once I got it up and running, there was a discussion about who was going to steal this from me first. I guess I'm not the only one that hates typing on their tablet. I really like the solid feel of this keyboard, too. It feels like a good solid piece. That's a good thing seeing as I'll probably be tossing it in a bag when I go on job sites.

Definitely make sure you read the instructions. It is so easy to connect... if you follow the instructions. I may or may not have had to learn this the hard way.

- Aesthetically, I love the look and feel of this device. It's got a pop of bright, neon green at the top which just makes it look great.
- It's easy to type on, especially since I have tiny hands. If you have huge hands you might feel a little cramped. I'd compare it to typing on a netbook keyboard.
- It can connect to three different operating systems which makes it really versatile.
- It's super compact which makes it a great companion for a tablet.
- It charges really quickly.
- You have to read the instructions to make it work right (I'm not really sure this is a con. It could just be my inner Luddite emerging).
- I wish the red light turned to green when it was done charging instead of just turning off. I thought there was something wrong until I (surprise) read the instructions.

As a completely-unrelated-to-its-practicality note, this keyboard comes in a really nice box. Like, gift wrap it and give it to someone nice. It was kind of impressive.


Richard D

Just received this amazing device and love it already. In fact, I am writing this review with it. Out of the box and fully setup on two devices in less than five minutes! It is exactly what was looking for and more - I haven't yet tried all of the shortcut keys but am confident that they will be as helpful as everything else has been. Highly recmmended.



This is a great keyboard. The wireless connectivity works well and is very fast and easy to connect. I love that you can connect 2 devices to it at the same time and easily switch between them. I primarily use this for my tv and then my phone. Overall this is a great product and I would recommend it.


christopher duncan

It does exactly what it should. My tablet fit perfectly in the slot and the way it's built and weighted makes it the perfect stand.



Really liked how this works but I have only used twice and one of my keys has fallen off.

I received a new keyboard and happy with my purchase. Great customer service!



I’ve had this for a week and am pretty impressed with it so far. I like how it looks, it feels special because I’d never heard of this brand before. It looks very presentable and the tablet stays in the stand. Sturdy build quality and so far I’ve only had to charge it once after daily use for a week. It was a bit confusing connecting it to my Android tablet for the first time but now that my device recognizes the keyboard and I know the drill I can connect with no issues. This is pretty much an essential tablet accessory, having a mouse and keyboard makes for a much less frustrating experience. This is definitely worth buying over a cheaper keyboard. I'll be keeping an eye out for more products from Jelly Comb in the future.



Excellent product and even better customer service. They delivered the product promptly, it works extremely well especially with the dual channel mode, and they resolved a minor concern of mine right away. Would definitely recommend to friends.



Fast and easy Bluetooth connection to both my IPad and Android Moto G phone - great device at a great price!



great portable keyboard.


Christopher L

Excellent Keyboard! Great battery life, awesome functionality and perfect for multi-tasking!


Daniel S.

 This is much better than the last one I tried. It has good weight in the front so putting multiple devices on it won't knock it over. I use it for an Android tablet and Android phone and it is easy to switch between the two devices, though I really use it for the tablet.

Make sure you read the instructions. I just assumed I knew how to pair it. But after you turn it on the first time you have to hold down the C and fn keys for a few seconds. Works great



Love love love this keyboard there is no need for a desktop when you can do everything from your phone it tablet.. very nice . Highly recommended


Pen Name

The bluetooth keyboard is easy to use. Simple to set up and well designed. To set up a connection, bring up the devices bluetooth and turn on the keyboard. Press fn + C and bluetooth keyboard will appear for the device. You have two channels to choose from thus you can pair two separate devices and easily switch between the two without any downtime by configuring each device to a channel. The keyboard feels solid, and is very responsive. I used a typing program as a test and could get 70-90 wpm without issue. No lag or delay.

The only downsides I can see is for travel, sometimes having a case to protect the keyboard is helpful, and the channel itself which holds the device very well is designed for the device or to have a very minimalist protective case. As pictured this will have no issues holding an ipad mini plus a smaller phone.


Chrissy Jennings

I am really enjoying this keyboard. It is so hard to type anything on the pad of my phone and this keyboard makes everything much faster. I write a lot of documents and use my phone for work often. This has eliminated a bunch of frustration and time.



I am totally NOT a technical person, however, this was so easy to set up and use! I appreciate that the keyboards has 2 channels, allowing me to use 2 devices at a time. It only took about 2 1/2 hours to charge. As long as your personal devices have the bluetooth capability you can use with this keyboard. I think it's pretty coll with the coloring; of course the keyboard is black, but the neon green where you place your own device (phone or tablet) has everybody checking it out. As I am typing this at the local coffee house, 2 different patrons have asked me about it.


Marc S.

Does what it says. If they added a track pad it'd be 6 outta 5 stars.

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