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MV021B Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Mouse(BT 4.0+BT 4.0+2.4G)

MV021B Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Mouse(BT 4.0+BT 4.0+2.4G) Item NO: MV021B

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White and Silver Black
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  • TWO BLUETOOTH 4.0+2.4G WIRELESS CONNECTION:BT4.0+BT4.0+2.4G Wireless, support 3 device channels at the same and quickly switch between them
  • CONVENIENT SIDE SCROLL WHEEL: this wirless mouse has a thumb SCROLL WHEEL on the left side
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: keeps your wrists and arms in a relaxed, neutral position
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY & POWER-SAVING:Built-in durable 300mAh lithium rechargeable battery can last for 1 -2month (1-2 hours per day use) after fully charged
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY:Windows / Android / MAC OS system
Product Name MV021B Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Mouse(BT 4.0+BT 4.0+2.4G)
Item NO MV021B
Weight 0.28 kg = 0.6173 lb = 9.8767 oz
Category Mice
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation time 2019-11-02


R Beard

This was the best mouse for preventing tendinitis due to finger scrolling. Why did you stop making it? There is nothing else like it on the market. Please make it again. I love this mouse. I would buy 10 more if they still made it.
Service:Thank you for your support! We are still making this, just the production has been delayed by the COVID shutdown. We estimate this mouse to be back on shelf in early June.


Uzonna Okoroafor

I WISH I bought a 2nd, or 3rd one before the company ran out of product. I have the first model that takes a single AA battery (might I add lasts FOREVER before replacing). I saw the rechargeable ones and didn't think to buy any because I already had one. Now I can't find them anywhere on Amazon. I came to the company website to purchase more mice, but it's sold out here as well.

I used to get slight pains in my wrist after long hours of using a mouse, but not with this one! With this mouse, I feel nothing. It's almost natural. The scroll wheel is a game changer. For one, I cannot find another mouse anywhere with a side scroll wheel, let alone one placed PERFECTLY in reach of your thumb.

The clicks are sturdy, silent, and confident. You will know you clicked, and the mouse isn't obnoxious about it. I have had this mouse for over a year, and it feels EXACTLY the same as when I bought it. The quality shines bright in this product, and I would gladly pay $30 or more for a 2nd or 3rd mouse from this company. I will never go back to traditional mice again after this experience. My wife LOVES this mouse, she will make any excuse to use my office mac pro just to get her paws on my mouse. Wish I could give this more than 5 stars. EXCELLENT product. Waiting patiently to purchase again!


Michael Fernandes

I ended up finding this mouse by accident searching on Amazon and decided to purchase it. I have been using it for about three months now and find everything about it perfect. The side scroll wheel took a bit getting used to it but i wouldn't go back to the regular mouse configuration. The clicks are silent and the mouse fits very well. Connection is perfect with no issues. Highly recommend!

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