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Ergonomic Mouse  MV009

Ergonomic Mouse MV009 Item NO: MV009

US$ 16.99
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Product Name Ergonomic Mouse MV009
Item NO MV009
Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Mice > Wireless
Tag wireless mouse , ergonomic mouse , vertical mouse
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation time 2018-05-28




Love this mouse. Much more comfortable for my small hand that a traditional mouse. Didn't take long to get used to the shape.



My hand and arm don't when I spend lots of time on the computer like they did with the old mouse. Good invention!!


joyce grissom

I like it.



My 6 yo just started using computers at school, and wanted to use the same program at home. He was struggling using the built in laptop mouse, so I grabbed this mouse seeing it was intended for small hands. It works great for him, and we’ve had no issues with battery life. I’ve been using it myself since we have it and after getting used to it, it’s very comfortable and my wrists feel much better.


Maria Gallina

I bought This mouse because I was tired of the same old same old traditional mouse. This mouse is great quality and it feels so smooth not to mention it gives your hand a break from constantly being flat. Great Buy!



I had carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands. I still struggle with the pain. I ordered this mouse because of the position your hand is in when you use these. To my surprise, I loved the texture, smooth rolling, and the pain relief! I got way more than I asked for with this mouse.



So far so good ... super quiet mouse and easy on the hands



It is my first time using a mouse in this shape. It is soooo much more comfortable than the traditional mouse. The product itself has a nice design, a smooth glide, and comfortable grip. I am not sure yet about the quality since its only been 2-3 day but I have not had any technical difficulty with it as well. I love it so far. It is easy to install as well and get started.



I love this one, I’ve spent a lot of money on others and this is the only one that has stood the test of time


David C.

I am a strong believer of usage of vertical mouse, particularly for work. I have been using a vertical mouse for past 4 1/2 years. It helped me with my carpal tunnel syndrome dramatically. In fact I no longer experience carpal tunnel syndrome ever since I started using a vertical mouse.

Anyhow my other vertical mouse is a bit big and I want a smaller vertical mouse so I can use it for travel. I decided to purchase this Jelly Comb vertical mouse because of its price point and its wireless feature. When I try to use this new mouse, I am very satisfy with its mouse pointer response rate, all the default mouse buttons are available and its texture when you hold it. The surface texture feels very soft.

I think the size of this mouse is perfect for people with smaller hand or people who want a compact vertical mouse for carrying around in their bag. Definitely recommended!

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