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  • US$ 44.99


    Alex. M

    I received the keyboard and mouse yesterday, I really like the keyboard. It is better than I expected.
  • US$ 16.99



    Service: Hi Catherine, we have already sent a new cargo. Should arrive soon!
  • US$ 42.99


    Ouida C.

    Setup is so easy, you can put away the instructions. This is one of my best purchases. I am a huge TV buff, so I'm always looking for ways to improve my TV experience. The headset is not only comfortable but it's sleek and stylist. Last but not least, the SOUND QUALITY exceeded my expectations.
  • US$ 16.89 US$25.99



    This number pad is working great on my MacBook Pro. I love how easy it is to pair to my laptop and almost almost all the function works on it. I like the keys itself, and it is wide so the keys are spaced appropriately so that I don't make a lot of mistakes when working on numbers which I do a lot. This numpad sleeps when not in use to save power, it does not bother me to wake it up because it only takes a couple seconds to do so. All you have to do is press a key, wait for a second or two then it will start working. If you keep pressing a key to wake it up it will take time to start working, I found that out the hard way.
  • US$ 42.99


    Anthony M.

    I recently got these since I like to watch TV in bed and my wife doesn't want to hear the TV. I was amazed by the quality of these. They are lightweight and comfortable. The sound quality was crisp and had no signs of delay with the picture on the TV from across out bedroom. Setup is easy, and the transmitter is small and discreet. This can also be used as a wired pair of headphones connected with an audio cable. Definitely would recommend giving these a try.
  • US$ 16.89 US$25.99


    Rebecca V

    Works well, but its a bit light which means if youre heavy handed it might move around a bit.
  • US$ 32.99



    Upgraded my home and office to wireless equipment. This keyboard was the perfect addition. Clean looking and easy to use!
  • US$ 32.99



    white one looks great,it is a big one,full size bt keyboard,very slim and very light weight,it can be used for as long as 60 hours. good quality !
  • US$ 16.89 US$25.99


    Amazon Customer

    Great, except two things that really suck: 1. Takes too long to wake up. 2. The decision to have the num lock light stay lit bothers me. It's battery powered--I do not want a bright blue light sucking battery power.
  • US$ 32.99


    Amazon Customer

    I bought this keyboard because Bluetooth. there are many other choice for wireless, A little spongy, yes. The number lock LED indicator is a little too bright, yes. But it is very light weight. Nice typing experience. full size keyboard. using it with my HP Spectre X360 type of computer, or MS surface. Only comes with USB type C and didn't want to bother with attaching USB type of wireless. That is the reason I bough bluetooth keyboard. Jelly Comb's bluetooth mouse has problem working with my HP notebook/table, so I returned it. But Logitech (bluetooth) mouth work very well. The price is decent. I paid $33, I wish it could be around $25. But if you look around, most other full size bluetooth is much more expensive. For the price, I will give it 5 Stars until someone come out with better and cheaper, of course. haha...
  • US$ 32.99


    Asiye Zehra

    Good quality. Easy to type and it is light. Keys are soft, so you can type very easily.
  • US$ 32.99


    Ricardo Castellanos

    I bought this so I could do touch typing on the go. It's sturdy enough. The flat keys are awkward as always but all the bt keyboards are like that. Really wish someone would make one with normal keys but they all gotta look like Apple, right? Bottom line, it's decent but it will take some time to get used to touch typing on it because of the flat keys. The switches themselves actually feel pretty good.
  • US$ 32.99



    easy setup so far so good
  • US$ 32.99


    Amazon Customer

    Works great. Very easy to set up. Love the soft keys. Clean work space-no cords. I wanted a full-size keyboard. That it is. CS and communications with the company are reliable and prompt. They are a China Co so their English is less than perfect, but good enough to understand.
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  • US$ 28.99



    Good except with Raspberry Pi 3B+ slow pointer, all moves are in late. Painfull !
  • US$ 16.89 US$25.99


    Kyle Murray

    Worked great for a few days, but the “/“ key broke right off during use. I’ve had good experiences with other Jelly Comb products. Maybe just 1 bad keyboard from otherwise good product. The company was able to replace the broken keyboard a few weeks ago and no problems at all. Works perfect. It does go to sleep quickly, but pressing the num lock key turns it right back on.
  • US$ 24.99


    Amazon Customer

    Nice little keyboard/mouse combo. I wanted something compact for my living room PC but that had a full keyboard and a mouse. I previously used a Logitech keyboard with a track pad built in. The size and portability of that was great, but I've always found track pads far harder to use than a normal mouse. This solution takes up a bit more space, but I keep a big tray/lapdesk on my over-sized ottoman that's part of my sectional couch that the keyboard and mouse fit nicely on. So for my situation this is a perfect fit. The quality of the keyboard and mouse themselves is good with good responsiveness from the mouse and a nice feel to the keys on the keyboard. Highly recommended.
  • US$ 8.99


    Jordan Rickman

    No hassle with setting it up, needs one AA battery and that’s it!
  • US$ 8.99


    AJ Ahmed

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