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  • US$ 26.99



    I was looking for a laptop style keyboard that was compact and quiet. This product is both and honestly....better quality than I expected for the price. I am a professional counselor and need a keyboard that is quite as I type client notes while people are talking. This is much quieter than the keyboard that came with my computer. The quality is very good. It was up and running instantly when I plugged it in. I like that the white matches my computer monitor. Very good product. Very good price.
  • US$ 26.99


    Ros Ortega

    the key board is awesome! very light and super think and comfortable.... but where do I find the Screen Print key? I don't see it labeled
  • US$ 5.98



    Very nice keyboard cover.
  • US$ 12.99



    I like it very much!! One of the best mouse I've owned
  • US$ 26.99



    Very good quality keyboard. I have seen this keyboard on the magazine
  • US$ 7.59


    Nichole C.

    10/10, would recommend. This mouse fits very comfortably in my hand and the click is near silent. I ordered the white with gold trim to use at work, but I'm going to buy another for my home computer.
  • US$ 12.99



    Just received the mouse today, very nice little mouse. Good
  • US$ 12.99


    Linda Jensen

    It took me some time to get used to it but now I can see the good of having side scroll. Great for reading news!
  • US$ 29.99



    I have been using this mouse/keyboard combination for about 3 months now. Keyboard is sweet, sleek and quiet. I have always used another brand of mouse and I was not sure I would like this one, but I love it. For those who enjoy precision.....this combo is great.
  • US$ 13.89


    Dominic Nuzzo

    Product is awesome. It's nice to finally have all my cords in one spot, makes traveling a heck of a lot easier. Thanks Jelly Comb!
  • US$ 9.99


    Ce'von Elwood

    Best headphones i ever used man, i love these things so much. I feel like i should be sponsored by you guys. They work amazing with my android. AMAZING!!
  • US$ 9.99


    Ce'von Elwood

    i love these headphones man, like i use them everyday and feel like i should be sponsored by yall. Best headphones i've ever used hands down. God Bless!!!
  • US$ 40.99



    Love how quiet this is! Both the keyboard and mouse are quiet, but the mouse is super-quiet. The only negative I have is that the keyboard (& mouse) automatically goes to sleep after a short period & I start typing before I realize it & have to re-type the first couple of letters - other than that,I think it's almost perfect! The keyboard feels more like that of a laptop to me & therefore I'm used to it. The mouse is low profile and comfortable. Definitely worth the money!!! I would buy again if needed!
  • US$ 15.29


    Courtney Forbes

    This number pad is a great size, convenient to carry with my laptop, and makes data entry so easy. Having a wireless option is so nice - it allows me to hold or move my number pad wherever I want with no cords getting tangled. Also, Jelly Comb's customer service is awesome! I had a question and they were so quick to respond and more than helpful and accommodating. I would definitely recommend this product and this brand to anyone!
  • US$ 9.99



    I absolutely love these headphones! I personally got the lovely blue and purple ones, due to their lovely soft pastel colors, and not only do they look wonderful, they're also comfortable, sound fantastic (honestly some of the best sound quality headphones I've owned to date), and Jelly Comb's customer service is just out of this world!
  • US$ 26.99


    Joe A

    Works great and it's compact, can be used for several devices that I have. I would recommend this product to a friend.
  • US$ 12.99


    Rachel H

    We just got the lion design mouse in today and we're super happy. It was fast shipping, adorable packaging, design is on point. Very comfortable to hold and navigate! Super simple to connect as well.
  • US$ 7.59


    Tiffany Tepera

    Awesome! No words necessary!
  • US$ 8.09


    Tiffany Tepera

    Works wonders! I use this for work and for school and it works great!
  • US$ 12.99



    A nice little travel mouse with animal theme
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