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Bluetooth Number Pad N019

Bluetooth Number Pad N019 Item NO: N019

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  • Monster size 28-key number pad with multiple function keys including backspace, home, end, tab and more to assist with accounting tasks.
  • Low scissor-switch keys enable slim, fast and quiet typing.
  • If you stop typing for 20 minutes, this device will enter sleep mode.
  • A 15-degree typing angle for comfortable typing experience.
  • Please Note: The function keys will not work for Mac system.
Product Name Bluetooth Number Pad N019
Item NO N019
Weight 0.1000 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Keyboards > Number Pads > Bluetooth
Tag number pad , numeric keypad , keypad
Brand Jelly Comb
Creation time 2018-05-28

Functional Keys: 
This keypad has 28-keys with multiple useful function keys including NUMLOCK, DEL, ESC, Tab, Home, End, Page up/down, and calculator export button, etc. These function keys will greatly help accounting tasks.

Lightweight & portable: 

This product will fit your handbag and backpack without taking much space.

LED Indicator Light : 

The blue LED indicator on the top right corner indicates Bluetooth pairing mode, Battery Status, and NUMLOCK function. To save battery power, this number pad has an auto-sleep function--the product will enter sleep mode if you don't use it for 20 minutes. 


Support Bluetooth-enabled Cellphone Tablet PC laptop Desktop with Android Windows 2000/ Me/ 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8/10 system. 

Please note: This product does not work with Mac OS.

How To Connect
1) Insert 2 AAA batteries and switch ON/OFF button to power the keypad,
2) Press the bluetooth key for 3 second until the LED light start flashing,
3) Go to system preferences>Select device>Add device.

Item Weight:3.9oz

Item Dimension:5.1*4.2*0.5in

Number of Keys: 28 keys

Switch:Scissor Switch

Battery Required:2AAA batteries(not included)

Package Included:

1× Jelly Comb Bluetooth 28-key numeric keypad
1× user manual



This number pad is working great on my MacBook Pro. I love how easy it is to pair to my laptop and almost almost all the function works on it. I like the keys itself, and it is wide so the keys are spaced appropriately so that I don't make a lot of mistakes when working on numbers which I do a lot.

This numpad sleeps when not in use to save power, it does not bother me to wake it up because it only takes a couple seconds to do so. All you have to do is press a key, wait for a second or two then it will start working. If you keep pressing a key to wake it up it will take time to start working, I found that out the hard way.


Rebecca V

Works well, but its a bit light which means if youre heavy handed it might move around a bit.






Product works great with the Lenovo Ultrabook. Instructions were clear and I suggest using them for the setup.


Gary M.

Very nice. easy, thanks.


K O Fr

Had a problem with it after 29 days, returned for a different brand.


A. Regular Guy

Essential for notebook w/o dedicated numeric keypad. Works very well and I've used it daily for the last couple of months. 3-second wake-up time after a period of non-use.


Benjamin H.

Works great! Only complaint is the same as other customers: It goes to sleep, so you have to wake it up before using. I wish it had a USB cable to plug it into that would keep it always on when at the desk. I use Windows 10.



Great quality. Light. The only con would be that it falls asleep after like 10 mins. So just make sure that you wake it up before you go to town on typing in the numbers.


Guru Girl

Easy connect and set up


R Lee H

I do C.A.D. work all day, and this thing is a lifesaver as it lets me use my left hand for 10-key functions at the left side of my keyboard and at an angle comfortable for me.

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