Are You Using The Right Equipment for Work?

As professional trainers, you definitely know...

There are many types of Pokemon out there in the world and you cannot be a good trainer with just one type of Pokemon. You always want to play with the smartest strategy, utilize the right type to maximize effectiveness. Trainers want to be prepared for all sorts of battles so they gotta catch 'em all!

This logic is same for your everyday gear too.

Just like your fire type Pokemon will struggle against the water type, your everyday mouse may be struggling to handle your everyday work stress. A good mouse should serve as a good companion to each and every scenario. Your gaming mouse should be extremely fast and responsive so you can be competitive.  A working mouse should be comfortable, reliable and durable. 

Many mice on the market have none of these good features, some are cheaply made, others are not considerate of your well being. If you work long hours and your work required many repetitive movements in front of your computer, you should put down your mouse now, stretch your fingers and see if everything feels right? 

Are your fingers and wrists hurting? If not, congratulations! If yes or you were hurting at some point, then consider this: Does your mouse support your grip in an ergonomic posture that minimizes strain and tension?

If you feel pain or numbness after several hours of work, you are in the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury which also has a profound impact for the long term. Most of us cannot avoid doing work if we want to keep our job but the lucky thing is we can prevent RSI from developing or alleviate the symptoms simply using the right equipment. An ergonomic mouse is all we need to maintain a healthy hand posture and finger motion.

Jelly Comb's MV021 is a wireless ergonomic mouse designed with thumb scroll to accommodate long time mouse usage and lift the heavy work load from their index fingers.

Users will no longer need to move their index finger between the click button and the scroll wheel. Instead, MV021 ergonomic mouse reallocate the index finger motion to our thumb to reduce repetitive motion on one finger alone.

Also supporting a healthy grip posture, MV021 minimize strain and tension from building up.

We recommend MV021 for people who need to use mouse daily at their (non-gaming) work. MV021 is wireless and easy to use, you plug in a small USB receiver to your computer then you can start using. It also has silent clicks so you don't annoy your co-worker or family from massive clicking noise.

MV021 is now available:  https://www.jellycomb.com/h-product-detail.html?goods_id=995627

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